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Based in Central America, Costa Rica is bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama. As a result of its climate, Costa Rica has a mix of tropical and sub-tropical seasons. Its landscape of coastal plains are separated by rocky mountains and with over 100 volcanic cones, there are at least four active volcanoes, two of which are located in the country's capital, San Jose.

Costa Rica bears the highest standard of living amongst its Central American neighbours. With a population of just over 4.2 million, the major language is Spanish and its people are a mix of white (including mestizo) 94%, black 3%, Amerindian 1%, Chinese 1%, and other 1%.

With its tropical forests displaying an abundance of varied flora and fauna and its coastal sandy beaches its no wonder Costa Rica's tourism industry is one of its principal sources of foreign exchange.

Country: Costa Rica
Population: 4.2 million
Currency: Colon
Language: Spanish
Religion: Roman Catholic
Area size: 51,000 square km's
Capital: San Jose

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